Tish'a B'Av 'Amidah supplement

Prof. Andreas Lehnardt of Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz has been very active in recent years in finding new Hebrew Manuscripts in bindings throughout Central Europe. The last harvest, from the Stadtische Sammlung of Halberstdt, of which he published a survey in Gemeinnützige Blätter 17, (2008) pp. 58-64, and subsequently sent us the images. (National Library Aleph record no. 2638598) Among the findings here are 16 folios of Kinnot for Ninth of Av, including the Torah portion, Haftarah, and one folio from the 'Amidah including supplementary paragraphs. What's peculiar here is, in addition to the common Nahem supplement to the 14th brakhah, a remnant from the end of an additional supplement to the 13th brakhah- citing Zechariah I:14. GMB 013